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The Burnt Courthouse

Meet married cosplayers Dat Ashe Cosplay and Court’s Cosplay who go by The Burnt Courthouse. As disabled cosplayers ourselves, both visible and invisible disabilities, the DCC is very near and dear to their hearts. I (name) am an ambulatory cane user due to chronic pain from my scoliosis and my spouse (name) has suspected tibial torsion, due to their knee frequently popping out of place, and is seeking a diagnosis. Together they have won numerous awards at cosplay conventions for their cosplay and performance.

Instagrams Handles: 




Tiktok Handles: 



Awards from the past 5 years: 

Best in Division - SausomeCon 2022

First Place Skit - Tokyo, Oklahoma 2022

2nd Place Audience Pick - Alamo City Swing Revival Halloween Event 2022

Best Performance - YumiCon's Otaku Night 2023 

First Place Skit - Tokyo, Oklahoma 2023

Kindest Regards,

The Burnt Courthouse

Dat Ashe Cosplay, He/Him

Court's Cosplay, They/Them

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