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Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Tracy Lynn Cruz is most famously known for her role as Ashley Hammond, the Yellow Ranger, in the 1990’s pop culture phenomenon Power Rangers. However, Tracy’s superpowers extend far beyond the big screen.  She is the loving mother of four children, two impacted by Autism. Through the successes and continued challenges in her family’s journey, Tracy has bravely chosen to use her celebrity platform to share how she turned obstacles into opportunities.  Her passion is empowering families to shift focus from fear of the future to celebrating successes while remembering how far they’ve come.  In addition to empowering her own children, Tracy has also managed to beautifully maintain and grow her relationship with her husband of 26 years despite the daunting rollercoaster of finding, adjusting and managing the comprehensive care for their children. Tracy will be helping various communities impacted by Autism share their stories, learn from each other, and celebrate all impacted children’s superpowers.


You can catch up with Tracy on Instagram @TLCYellowRanger, Facebook @TLCYellowRanger and X @TLCYellowRanger

Mighty Morphin Journey

Bradely Smith is the voice actor/comedian behind the gaming panda bear of YouTube: Combo Panda! The channel is named after the character and after roughly 5 years, we've accrued over 2 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views. "Combo Panda" is a sister channel of "Ryan's World," which is one of the most massive childrens brands right now with over 33 million subscribers and 53 billion views. Aside from Combo, I provide voices for the Ryan's World characters Packrat, Moe the Monster, Shelldon the Baby Dinosaur, and Robo Combo Panda. Sometimes, Combo Panda games against Robo Combo on the "VTubers" channel (over 2.3 million subscribers/1.8 billion views). You can also catch me in live-action as myself over on "The Studio Space" YouTube channel (over 3 million subscribers/1.8 billion views)

Fiona Cauley's journey from a progressive disease diagnosis to life in a wheelchair is a testament to resilience and humor. Embracing her unique perspective, she found solace in comedy. As a comedian, Fiona shares her experiences with candid humor, challenging stereotypes, and fostering inclusivity. Her web series offers a humorous yet insightful portrayal of life as a young woman with a disability. Fiona's infectious laughter and unwavering spirit have earned her recognition as both a comedian and advocate.


Our panelist consist of awesome cosplayers with visible and invisible disabilities who are not letting their health conditions hold them back from being active.


Panelist will discuss how they continue to thrive with mobility issues how they listen to their bodies.

Mental Health

Our panelist discuss how they cope with their mental health including dealing with depression.


Some of our panelists have survived cancers and tumors and share their experience.


Some of our panelist have incurable disease and disorders but that is not stopping them from thriving.  

Panelist & Presenters

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