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Krissy Cosplays

Krissy Cosplays is a native Houston cosplay player with Fibromyalgia and Patellafemoral pain Syndrome. She specializes in creating fantastic multimedia cosplays for masters level competitions all through out Texas. Krissy also publishes patterns and tutorial resources from the costumes she creates on her Etsy and KoFi storefronts. Her goals are to help encourage nerds; young or old to get creative and express themselves through cosplay!

My Etsy is - I have 100+ five star reviews for my Cosplay patterns and over 600 sales!

Instagram: @krissy.cosplays 

TikTok: @krissy.cosplays 


 -Anime Matsuri Best in show 2021 

 -San Jac Gallery exhibition 2022 best in show

 -judges award comicpalooza 2022 

-judges award sanjapan 2022 

-best in show TCG con 2023 

-Advanced Runner up Comicpalooza 2023

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