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Kimberly Holiday Coleman

After receiving a shocking Stage 2 Colorectal Cancer diagnosis on July 24, 2015, Kimberly Holiday-Coleman, her hubby of 24 years, and their children realized life as they once knew it, would change, but had no idea how immeasurable that change would be. 

Since her diagnosis, cancer treatments, and a lifesaving ostomy placement surgery eight years ago, Kimberly has embraced her second chance at life. Realizing life was precious, she made her lifelong dream of becoming a published author a reality. Kimberly then went on to become an inspirational speaker with a focus on Colorectal Cancer and Ostomy Awareness.

This work led to her becoming a Fight Colorectal Cancer Ambassador, model in Melbourne Fashion Week, International Burlesque performer, and Community Advocacy Award Recipient.

Kimberly also reconnected with her love of international travel, modeling, and roller/ice skating. She was then featured in the Dove #showus online project on Instagram which highlighted her body acceptance- ostomy pics from an Australian Book Project. 

Today, Kimberly offers a thoughtful perspective on self-acceptance, family, building community, her beloved stoma-Toodles, and finding joy/peace in the midst of life through trauma, cancer treatment/survivorship, disability, and life with an ostomy.



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