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David The Smiley

David The smiley is a queer Houston, TX Cosplayer, Actor, Voice Actor, Q&A Host, and Model. David has done panel presentations that focus on BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ representation in comics, anime, manga, movies, and television. David has presented at the Comicpalooza convention and has talked about the impactful history of black representation in comics and the history of the artist, writers, and actors. David has focused on creating and wearing nostalgia based cosplays ranging from characters like; Static Shock, Juwanna Mann, Batman Beyond, Ruby Rhod, Pootie Tang, Miles Morales Spider-Man, and many more. David also attended Prairie View A&M University and graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology and with a minor in Marketing, David plans further his education and obtaining a Master's degree in Library Science with a focus on public Librarianship. David is currently working on short films, voice overs for fan projects, and creating digital education media that will focus on representation in comics and explaining how this art form imitates life.

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