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Axel Cosplay

Axel, a former Paul Mitchell instructor with a degree in applied sciences in  cosmetology teaches the basics in wig styling such as; how to brush and wash  your wig. What tools are needed to get started. Best practices for trimming a wig,  adding volume, and heat styling.


Axel is an award-winning masters level cosplayer whose work in hair and makeup has been featured on the, Houston’s Perfect Wedding guide, and on Arda Wigs’ Instagram. He began competing in cosplay contests in 2022 where he quickly rose to master’s level. Axel has an associate degree of applied sciences in cosmetology and over a decade of experience in hair and barbering. Cosmetology educator turned wig stylist; wig crafting is his premiere specialty. He owns a successful wig styling business and creates wig styling tutorials to help others achieve their cosplay dreams. 

A multifaceted creative Axel is also knowledgeable in: sewing, 3-D printing, air brushing, pattern drafting, costume distressing, and the use of color theory. He shares his passion for teaching through panels, workshops, and wig styling demonstrations. As a transgender cosplayer he strives to inspire other people to step into their true identities through cosplaying. Axel believes representation and education are important to building a better understanding between people.

Guest Appearances

Kawacon 2024 as half of Anti-Prism Cosplay Alvin Anime Fest 2023



• TCG-Con Best in Show


• Ba-Con Best Adult


• A-kon Best Journeyman

• A-Fest Best Master

• San Japan Best Craftmanship Master • Oni-Con Best Craftmanship Master

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